Some videos of Madis Tiik speaking at different events.

24.09.2015 - People Centre Internet Conference. Madis Tiik talks about the Estonian central Health records system

27.09.2013 - ENGAGE Conference. Madis Tiik spoke about different eSolutions in Estonia

    Madis Tiik: Digital healthcare will revolutionize industry - if we let it

    Whereas the traditional way of seeking help to medical symptoms means you're left circling inside the healthcare system and data is collected to electronic patient records, the future will be different. Wellbeing data, an even genome data, will be taken into account along sickness data when making medical decisions. Healthcare system will be user-centered, not provider-centred. 80 % won't have to queue to see a healthcare professional, but evidence-based advice and self-care will do. And medical, evidence-based decision support systems are used not only by physicians, but by individuals before becoming patients. Virtual clinic is not a commercial product, but a concept. Madis Tiik of Sitra explained the concept in more detail at Health Tuesday, 6 May 2014.

    25.05.2015 - Madis Tiik - GetPersonalized! Summit 25.5.2015

    11.06.2015 - Madis Tiik - Arctic15 DHT

    14.06.2016 - Visioonikonverents Tervise tuhat tahku; dr Madis Tiik (in estonian)

    2011 - Presentació de Ehealth Estonia a càrrec de Mr. Madis Tiik, CEO Estonian eHealth Foundation

    28.09.2015 - FilmMe: Global Forum 2015 - Session 4 - Madis Tiik

    14.03.2014 - Operaattorimalli diabeteksen omahoidossa: Madis Tiik, Sitra, eMedic-projekti (in finnish)

    2009 - Vision of Estonian eHealth

    11-13.09.2013 - High Speed Broadband Conference and ENGAGE partnership meeting.